Company Name : Zhejiang

Hengqiang Technology Co.,Ltd
Area : China - Zhejiang - Hangzhou
Address : NO.6,Xianxing Road,

Xianlin Street,Yuhang District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China
Postal Numbers : 311122
TEL : 400-809-6911
FAX : +86-571-88684918

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    Hengqiang is the forerunner and leader that focus on the knitting machine intelligence!
    Zhejiang Hengqiang Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. is located at the west of the West Lake, and adjacent to the national ecological wetland park—Hangzhou Xixi Wetland. The Company is in the High-tech Industrial Park in the west of Hangzhou. The Company specializes in technological incubation, product development and high-end intelligent equipment and so on. As a top knitting and textile enterprise of intelligence research and development in China, Hengqiang aims to achieve the revolution and innovation of the domestic industry by focusing on the intelligence for knitting and textile industry.
    Since the 1990s, Hengqiang's R&D team has been engaged in the development of intelligence control of knitting machines, which not only impelled and led the advancement of domestic knitting machine intelligence industry, but also broke the monopoly situation of knitting intelligence industry controlled by knitting equipment manufacturers in European and some East Asian Countries. At the early stage of the 21st century, the revolution of knitting intelligence begun to take shape, and in the decades, Hengqiang’s development team has been the best team which made outstanding contributions to intelligent revolution for flat knitting machine, underwear machine, stocking machine, circular loom, glove knitting machine and embroidery machine. This is called the knitting intelligence “core” revolution by Hengqiang’s development team.

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